Quick Warrior

You must be a quick Warrior! Everytime you die, for being so quick you get the chance to live again, you just need to win (guess what) a quick duel!

A simple action top down 2D game where you control a warrior versus countless waves of enemies with the objective to kill as many as you can to survive and score many points.

It has a little progression, where over time the waves of enemies get increased, and the Duel when you get killed gets more tricky.

The unfair advantage theme is in some pieces of the game, but the most important feature is the duel where the winner gets an unfair advantage above the other. And the enemies have the unfair advantage of being in more numbers, what increase their velocity on the duel.


  • WASD: player movement
  • F: to do an in front area attack
  • Space: to do an in line dash towards the direction
  • 0-9A-Z: you will need all these keys...just believe me.

Source code: https://github.com/vfreitas-/bevy-quick-warrior

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